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Here are some of our most asked questions about the breeding process, kittens, kittens going home and anything else we can think of that people might want to know about us or the breed. 

What do they eat?

Since Bengals are carnivores they like raw meat. So at silverstarbengals, we give them either raw chicken or raw beef mixture. We mix in pumpkin for fiber along with Kitty Bloom vitamins. We also leave out dry food for them since cats usually won't overeat. For dry food, we give them Royal Canin Purshion or the kitten. 


What is their temperament?

Bengals act a lot like dogs, they are full of energy and love to play. They can also be a little moody if something is going on they don't like and they will let you know, But over all Bengals are super loving and want to play all the time and get attention.


How long do they live for?

Just like any other animal, they will like a long life as long as they are healthy, can be up to 20 years so getting a Bengal is a long time commitment. To ensure your Bengal lives its full long life make sure to take it to the vet once a year and get them looked at and testing done if something doesn't feel right. At silverstarbengal we test all of the cats we bring into our cattery are all testing for everything to make sure we can produce the healthiest kittens possible. 


What is the cost of a Bengal kitten? 

The cost of a Bengal kitten varies from $3,000-$4,500, and there are a few different things we look at when pricing our kittens. First we look and see if our kittens are in high demand or not, this will set a base price for what we should sell them for so they all go home at a decent age. 

Let's Work Together

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