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Kittens Going Home

Before kittens can go home the contract has to be signed and the full amount for the kitten must be paid. We accept cash, Zelle, and venmo. 

What to expect when you take your kitten home

At 9-12 weeks your kitten will be ready to go home! We will send your kitten home with a care package/bag. in this bag, there are some of their favorite toys, a small bag of their dry food to switch them over to new food if need be, and the raw that they have been on. there is enough raw to last 2 weeks and to be able to wing them off of it if your choice not to continue it. 

  • Young kittens are very scared when they are taken out of the only envierment they have ever know, so when you first get home with your kitten they will probably hid and not eat for a few days.

  • They will slowly warm up to you and your family.

  • For the first few weeks keep them in one room with there food, water, and litter box, this will get them used to the new smells and sounds of your home. 

Introducing your new kitten to your pet

  • Keep kitten and your pet seperate in different rooms.

  • let them smell each other under the door, let your pet come up to the room where your new kitten is. 

  • Have supervised playtime for the first few weeks until you know they will get along without you being there. 

  • Make sure your kitten has plenty of high hiding spots if you have a dog, these spots will be the safe zone for the kitten to get away from the dog if they need space.


Interested in a kitten or have questions, contact us!


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