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brown bengal kitten, silverstarbengals.


My name is Kaelyn, I have created Silver Star Bengals because of the Bengal breed and want to provide people with a fun cat. I have been been working under thundercatbengals for 5 years and just recently branched off and started my own business of breeding Bengals. I love how playful and loving this breed is, if you want a cat but don't want one that sleeps all day this is the cat for you!


we are located in Denver/Lakewood Colorado area. 

TICA Registration Number

My Goals and standards of my kittens

  • All my kittens will go home as socialized as possible so you can create a special bond with your kitten from the start.

  • Kittens will be potty trained and eating well before they go home.

  • Kittens will be raised as if they are my own and will stay in my bedroom so they feel like they are getting all the attention they deserve.

  • I will not overbreed my cats to keep them healthy.

  • I will try to create show/breeding quality cats.

  • Quality over quantity.

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