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From birth to going home

This is a little information about the kittens from the time they are born to when they go home. we know you have questions and hopefully this answers some of them. 

0 to 4 weeks

kittens are born, and around 10 days they start to open their eyes. at about 2-3 weeks old they start to move around a lot more and are interested in everything.

4 to 5 weeks

This is a very important stage because this is when socialization is most important. if they aren't already in our room then we move them. they are around people and loud noises to make sure they aren't afraid of anything. 

They also start to wing off of mom's milk and start eating raw. they will get interested in the water and will put their nose in it and sneeze, then learn to drink. 

6 to 7weeks

At 6 weeks the kittens are starting to go to the bathroom. they will all go through a runny poop phase because their mom's milk has natural probiotics and the raw does not unless we put them in. 90% of the time we will put probiotics in their raw to help with the runny poops. 

They start to learn how to use the pellet box (compressed sawdust/animal bedding) and learn not to go to the bathroom on the floor. 

8-9 weeks

The kittens are still in our rooms and learning how to cuddle. at this stage, we are just watching the kittens and making sure they are eating well and using their pellet box. 

At 8 weeks we give them their vaccines and take them to the vet for a health check. we typically keep them a week after their vaccine to make sure they get the immunities before going to their new home


GOING HOME! at 9-12 weeks the kittens are ready to go home. sometimes we keep them longer than the 9 weeks if they lose weight or still have runny poop. we want to make sure we are sending home the kitten at its healthiest. 

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